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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Bozeman, Montana

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Homeowners Insurance in Bozeman, MT. Insurance Unlimited is here to help.

Why do you need Homeowners, Renters, or Condo coverage?

Lets face it, whether you own a home or just rent, you have assets.  From the structure to the personal property inside the home.  How would you feel if there was a fire and you not only lost your home, but you lose your property.  If you live in town you have heard the fire trucks running around everyday in Bozeman.

At Insurance Unlimited, we take a look at what everyone has individually.  We have insured several people that have brought their policies in to us to quote and find out they are very underinsured.  We are able to run Replacement Cost Estimators to find out what your home is worth.  So if you have a total loss from a fire, you can get it rebuilt for the price a contractor would charge instead of being shorted $20,000.

On the other side of Homeowners and Renters Insurance, there is Liability attached to every policy.  Living in Bozeman, so many people have dogs.  You may have a nice dog, but if it bites someone and causes damage then you want to be covered correctly.  They have done a national pole and the average dog bit costs $26,000.  It is very important to take a look at your liability coverage to make sure you are up to a decent amount.  In many instances, we have been able to bump up coverage and also drop the price of the policy from what people were paying before.